Roses are tricky by legend – I tend to disagree! I have a rose bed at the side sheltered from the wind it still gets a large amount of sun – the soil is clayey here so I dug in lots of compost and sand to help drainage. Bone/blood mix, plant food added to rose fertiliser and liberally applied to the bed and pots before planting.


There was one rose already in the bed, so the nearby climber had to go in a pot to avoid diseases from old roots, there is another white climber to go on the other side of the arch to the back garden There are two miniature roses in pots and I’ll be adding a white tea-rose bush and two more miniature pot roses soon.


I feed with a bucket root feed every Sunday and give each plant a bucket of water when it’s hot.


Ideally I’d like the fragrance to be tangible to passers when the roses bloom, all the plants have been purchased for fragrance.


For Autumn I’ve added some more sand, before it turns chilly I’ll be adding my special rose mulch to help protect the roots from frosts.

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