Spring-time it’ll be worth it…

Made a start on the poppy bed – the plan is to look from the kitchen window and get an eyeful of the display. I purchased as many different poppy seeds (+ purchased some plants to go in for good measure from the gardeners world offer) as I could get my mitts on and mixed them all up in bowl before sowing so there should be a great mixture of colours. The bed is formed from my children’s old bunk bed (recycling!) and some rubble scrounged of a bloke down the road who was glad he didn’t have to cart it off the tip.

Also put in a million bulbs (and donated to breast cancer month by buying a pink bulb planter, shears and rose-pruning gloves.


I’ve mostly put in tulips and bluebells because there seemed a glut of daffs last year. Although, I have purchased and put in a few pink daffodils (for the pink beds).I read (thank God) this week it’s actually better to do snowdrops ‘in the green’ when spring finally comes…so that’s a few hours less on my knees!



New plants this month I’ve bought or acquired, aside from the bulbs for next year are:


Am happy because have found another red Buddleia to replace the one that was refunded after the nursery lost the crop to a virusJ It should be here soon so by next summer will have blue, pink, white and red in the wildflower patch.


The babies have been great at suggesting plants for their bit. Luca wanted a red, red rose so we got a Guniee climber to grow around the screen that marks the edge of their bit. It’s in a pot at the moment as I need to check how far away from the inherited rose it should be.


 Daisy wanted black tulips and bamboo with blue poppies – I have throw in some other colourful  bulbs with the morbid princess request and the can-can pansies are coming up nice in their little corner.


 My Camellia arrived and has been put in a pot as I think the soil round here will kill it! Along with some lovely hyacinths and amaryllis for indoors I got from the milkman of all places, the local garden centre was giving away free heather plants so I put that in the corner for the babies.


 Have a few roses coming at the end of the month, 2 blue moon and English Miss varieties.


I want to get a white climber with a ‘real rose’ scent for the other side of the children’s area and some lavender for edging the kid’s area and front path but feels like I’m running out of ‘garden time’ I want to ask my neighbour for a cutting or seeds


I’ve already stuffed two 25litre compost bags full of dropped leaves for compost, and added handfuls of comfrey to increase the benefit of the finished leaf compost.


It’s really getting chilly in the evenings now so Have placed an order for garden fleece, just in case. We cut down the pumpkins ready for carving this week. I admit to cheating and using weedol to clear the surface of the veg patch for digging. But it gave the incentive to begin the spade work and sow some green manure over at least a third of the plot for next year.


The compost heap has been turned, pots scrubbed, the patio sunflowers taken down, seeded and the heads left for the wildlife to pick off. The patio bed has been dug, weeded and mulched, as have the roses and front flowers. The weeds are in the fire bin ready for burning at the pumpkin party next week and everything else added to the now-massive compost pile! I got the love of my life to mow half the grass and he promises to the rest ‘soon’, (which is a good enough start for me!), Seeds collected and plenty ordered for next year. As a result I feel a little bit like I’ve been a good girl (n the garden at least!)


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