If global warming is true…

. Despite the weather and the constant babbling about global warming, apparently the risk of frost lasts until flipping May – very annoying.


Still the poppy seeds have grown under the fleece and the indoor narcissi bulbs have done fine – god


Have amused me with two not-quite-greenhouses one fancy wood and the other less fancy plastic that is warmer but impossible to get a watering can into… Both are stuffed with baby plants to go out in May. The window sills are similarly laden and I’m forced to admit that I’m going to have to get a proper grown-up heated one if I’m to continue this malarkey…The man is getting very annoyed with me misting seedlings with magic spray several times a day, especially as the concoction leaves faint brown residue on the window frames…I started painting the planters and rose archers but ran out of spray paint and in a rare display of thrift decided to get a tin-and-brush version. I painted 2 sides of a planter before I recalled the good reason I waste money on spray paint. Because I fucking hate painting…


But the bulbs seem to be working, well mostly, a few casualties, but mostly pleasant surprises. The snow drops the moany old boy complained to his wife ‘ud never grow, that silly girl plantin dry-snowdrops and them tulips so late ….

– well screw you mister, cos I appear to have them all over the place… – hope fully they’ll naturalise into clumps over the next few years. The daffodils are out, not the white and pink ones yet, though, I’m glad I got so many different types and sizes and took out some of the masses we inherited in the front beds!


I never thought I cared much for crocus’ but got a lot of free bulbs that I couldn’t bear t do nothing with and planting the net off over 100 seemed like a chore, hence treated rather carelessly, shoving into unprepared clayey soil and grass, under hedges or trees and in the wild area I’m glad I did though because they look quite sweet. Mrs. Sparkle, the previous tenant must have liked them because we have some lovely big deep purple and white crocuses I’m sure I didn’t put in… I never thought I cared much for fuchsias particularly but am coming round, as the ubiquitous punk one and also some blue and black types and a climbing one should be here in frigging May when the frost danger is passedL


Had loads of compost and suchlike delivered on a lorry much less aggravating and laden with temptation than garden centres – cake, overpriced food that smells good enough to eat but rarely is…and plants is lethal combination. I’m bad enough in normal shops. Plus staying at home reduces the risk of bumping into people who can’t believe I’m in there! Also gives the horrid old scarecrow and his witch something to get jealous and gossip round the village…have mulched all the front and finally made attempts to put in edging and make the raised beds for the veg. After last years caterpillar riddled offerings have thought ahead- (scary!) and have butterfly protection net o the way or should have provided Royal Mail hasn’t lost the order…  


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