Since getting hit by a car and damaging part of my brain I developed a compulsion to read, at what is generally considered an accelerated pace. It’s I guess the least annoying of the symptoms I was left with after the accident. Because the love of my life is amazing he gets books for me when he shops, he is pretty good at choosing and I read anything, so the arrangement works out pretty well most of the time. It is kind of amusing to me that other people are surprised that somebody else buys quite a lot of the books I read…

Anyhow, not so long ago he came back with a CSI book, even though I never saw the show – the story was actually OK, it took me less than two hours to read the whole thing which puts it in a ‘weight class’ slightly above a Mills and Boon romance which as a rule take about 45minutes from start to finish. The thing that really bugged me about this book was that at the end of each chapter there is a web code you type in and get a video extra. I’m sure people who buy books because they’re based on the TV might like this, personally I don’t get it.

Because I had the time, place and bad guy all worked out in my head, the location etc – using one’s imagination, building your own version of the world within the book, is meant to be part of the pleasure of reading? Isn’t it? . Books are Books. TV is TV. Both fine in their own right. The video thingies ruined the book for me because a good book doesn’t need a pointless video/TV tie in gimmick .

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