kindles and Iphones

Have just been called a weirdo for not wanting a kindle reader or similar. I have such nice friends… I’m not quite the neo-luddite that the love of my life is but I’m somewhere between the two.. I love my laptop and get quite irritable if anyone else wants to touch it – to the point that I have been known to cast a glare at people if they so much as move it out of the way. I realise this is entirely irrational and do try not to. But I don’t want to read books on it – in fact reading of a screen sounds like a punishment – I like books. I like the artwork, I like holding them…and even though I’m close to critical mass I love having them in the house

I have a iPod which is great compared to the previous portable players, and I’m lusting over and sending letters to Santa and the birthday bunny begging for an iPad but remain unimpressed by iPhone’s and even less so by their users. Every time people start blathering on about their ‘apps’ I want to shove the iPhone up their nose. This might be due to my general dislike of shortening words – how lazy are people?!

When my beloved-and- awesome Ferrari (makes a noise like an F1 car yay!) phone died, I actively sought out an older type model to the horror of the terrifyingly slick sales team in the store, (btw the shop was like some weird Bugsy-Malone type scenario, and more like a clinical environment than a retail one).

A phone is for making calls/texting. I have no desire to watch TV on a teeny-tiny screen, or go blind trying to surf the internet on same mini screen – a concept that was entirely alien to the twelve year old salesman, nor do I want constant updates from the myriad of networking sites – I’m still slightly uncomfortable with the idea that people can get hold of me 24/7, a fact born out by the frequency which I don’t bother to take my phone out with me – this seems to horrify many people, particularly one friend who has two cellphones, an office and a house number – how big an ego does a person have that they need four phones…?

I did toy with getting a Blackberry, mainly because it sounded less irritating than an iphone. Happily after spending an evening with a friend who has one I came to my senses. I needed to make a call, and had forgotten my phone, she lent me her blackberry and I went outside, froze to death for 25 minutes of trying to work the bloody thing before admitting defeat and going back inside to get help.

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