Fifty Shades of Grey. Does it live up to the hype?

Oh dear, more proof of my theory that the more people rave about a book, the more average it tends to be. I’ve read 183 books this year and this was the biggest let-down so far.

Mr. Grey is unconvincing as a dominant and a millionaire, not just because he is ‘copper’ haired and drives a fleet of Audis…Anastatsia is equally unconvincing as a desirable character. I wish she had been gagged. Her whining might have quit for a few pages. By about page 60, I wanted to give her a very un-erotic smack in the mouth…

E. L James shamelessly trots out cliche after cliche – the erotic element was bland at best. The whole thing gives the impression of Google writing – when you have no experience of the situation you are writing about so you Google for other peoples accounts of your theme… I was expecting / hoping to at least read something inventive in the playroom area…Yes. Mr Grey has a playroom but it gets so little action in this book, I almost forget it was there! There is much more bitching and whining than there is sex.

There is fairly frequent use of the F-word, which I know some people don’t like , but still, I can’t even say the language was particularly shocking for a modern novel, but that is subjective to an individual readers feelings about ‘swearing’, to me the annoying over use of the word mercurial and ‘deep, deep’ were far more offensive than the swearing or the sex .. It would shock my catholic grandmother, but not some of her less religious friends…

It is a shame this is the book that has captured the worlds collective imagination because there are better books and far better writers that don’t get the kind of sales and recognition for their work; anyone with basic high school English can see that the technical quality of the writing is poor…

The cliched content may have been given some balance if the author had some beautifully crafted writing and/or some convincing characters in there.

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2 Responses to Fifty Shades of Grey. Does it live up to the hype?

  1. taylorannn says:

    Anymore it seems that the more popular anything gets the less interesting it is. I haven’t read the book yet but from what I hear it all depends on what type of writing style you enjoy. Love your views on this subject.

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