Too Lazy to go Bridezilla

I’m getting married. I’m too lazy to go full-on Bridezilla. Although I have no doubt I will have my moments…I just hope the are private moments. Or at least limit ranting to the Internet, a place where I’m never going to be the craziest person….

I have ideas, don’t know if they’re good or not but what the heck! Its our wedding. we’ve been helpful and happy for everyone else’s big day… so Karma dictates they have to do the same for is now.

Unlike the status quo in this house, so far wedding plans are going unnervingly well…

We are in love, have got this far without killing each other or splitting up…The important people in our lives seem genuinely happy for us. I don’t hate the engagement ring that was picked without me knowing a thing about it and we have 20% of the matching wedding bands. So, off a good start…

The venue

A place I love, where we went on one of our first dates have just started to do weddings. Even more shockingly, we can afford it, within reason.

Picked a date, well three dates…

Registrar and venue available on date we wanted most and deposit sorted, as long as I don’t forget to pay the rest , sorted. Apart from my panic that I emailed the venue three days ago and haven’t heard back yet…the dates based on the highly scientific method of weather checking – (ringing/emailing everybody I know with birthdays around that time and asking how many parties they had in the rain) Satisfied that my date choice is fabulous, I book the registrar and venue, only for it to rain in biblical fashion all through the date this year…

Found a dress ( sort of)…..

I’m mildly resentful of the rip-off elements I’ve already encountered. I can’t justify paying something in the region of £1000 for a dress I’ll be wearing for 12 hours, At least 6 of which I’m hoping to be champagne drunk… I’ve been looking at buying from manufacturers, all the very expensive shop frocks are made in China and on good old ebay, they look the same and come from China. I’m going to be brave and buy one, if its cheap and nasty looking I’ll do the boutique thing…Found some perfect shoes, which I’m happier to splurge on, mainly because I think if I get silver or cream colored shoes, I’ll wear them again with an evening dress. Plus if I’m going to be standing a lot, it’s going to be worth the investment.

Avoiding Rackets…

We are not rich, this will have to be on what some people would call a skimpy budget.

The current project is to attempt to grow table flowers for my wedding. I’m a fairly successful flower fairy at home, I have millions of vases that I can use, or Jam jars look pretty enough when filled with flowers -(I decided this shortly after being astounded by the wedding flower racket, among the many other rackets…) I am going to use the sometimes used vegetable patch as a flower patch next year and plan to grow my own purple sweet peas and larkspur, white cosmos and sunflowers for dressing the ceremony and reception…fingers crossed Mother Nature co-operates! The money I save doing this, should pay for my bridal bouquet to be made by professionals…I don’t have enough faith in my self to do my own bouquet – although I can’t help thinking £50ish seems like a slightly unreasonable sum for something tradition states I have to to chuck at somebody else…

My next blog will be when I recover from the quoted price of £300+ for a wedding cheesecake:( That is if I survive the ‘wedding fayre’ my BFF is dragging me along to, she claims it will be as ‘much fun as shopping!’, failing to take into account, shopping is not one of my most fun ways to spend the day, unless its online shopping on my couch with a bucket of wine. It doesn’t sound like my idea of a fun day out, but we shall see…

Enjoy Sunday…

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