Roses are tricky by legend – I tend to disagree! I have a rose bed at the side sheltered from the wind it still gets a large amount of sun – the soil is clayey here so I dug in lots of compost and sand to help drainage. Bone/blood mix, plant food added to rose fertiliser and liberally applied to the bed and pots before planting.


There was one rose already in the bed, so the nearby climber had to go in a pot to avoid diseases from old roots, there is another white climber to go on the other side of the arch to the back garden There are two miniature roses in pots and I’ll be adding a white tea-rose bush and two more miniature pot roses soon.


I feed with a bucket root feed every Sunday and give each plant a bucket of water when it’s hot.


Ideally I’d like the fragrance to be tangible to passers when the roses bloom, all the plants have been purchased for fragrance.


For Autumn I’ve added some more sand, before it turns chilly I’ll be adding my special rose mulch to help protect the roots from frosts.

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May 2006



May 06


The front


After a big weed battle I found some beds already dug – so that made life a bit easier – the neighbours tell me the old lady who moved out was keen on flowers so hopefully there will be more nice surprises like the snowdrops! It will have done the ground good to have a couple of years rest.


The bulbs have died down –I’ve collected seeds from some of the tulips and blue bells and added to the compost layer.


I’ve added fertiliser and feed to the compost and some seeds. I’ll get some young plants in over the spring and summer…



The back


The big square out back apparently used to be pond which was filled before the sale – the soil is heavy clay I learned when I was digging and slipped on the wet mud!) It will make a perfect veg patch. I’m just going to chuck seeds in this year and see what goes on but have stared making a ‘proper’ vegetable garden blueprint for 07 crops…


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It started with…



When we got the house last August – I was far too busy trying to move the collective contents of our old house to notice what was in the ground.  It wasn’t until the spring bulbs battled up through the weeds I figured I should make attempts to fix up the garden. This is the first time in a few years I have had ‘my own’ garden to play with


I did a garden design course sometime in my murky past and out in the damp grey drizzle of Febuary when snowdrops appeared with daffodils, crocuses and tulips about to get all pretty I remembered why!


So it’s back to work in that field – excuse the pun! I plan to spend a year pulling myself and my own- improving by- the- day –garden back into space then the horror of job hunting or maybe I’m now old enough to seriously take up my own business dream – who knowsJ

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