May 2006



May 06


The front


After a big weed battle I found some beds already dug – so that made life a bit easier – the neighbours tell me the old lady who moved out was keen on flowers so hopefully there will be more nice surprises like the snowdrops! It will have done the ground good to have a couple of years rest.


The bulbs have died down –I’ve collected seeds from some of the tulips and blue bells and added to the compost layer.


I’ve added fertiliser and feed to the compost and some seeds. I’ll get some young plants in over the spring and summer…



The back


The big square out back apparently used to be pond which was filled before the sale – the soil is heavy clay I learned when I was digging and slipped on the wet mud!) It will make a perfect veg patch. I’m just going to chuck seeds in this year and see what goes on but have stared making a ‘proper’ vegetable garden blueprint for 07 crops…


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